Master how to unapologetically lead yourself as a strong, brilliant and successful powerhouse.

Revolutionize Leadership with Tara Myshrall

Regional Vice President, Executive Mentor and Transformational Leadership Consultant

It's time to Ignite Your Inner Phoenix

The Permission to Rise Retreat

September 29 – October 1, 2023

It’s far too easy to hide our true leadership abilities.

Whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, navigting the world of entrepreneurship or leading change in your community, too many people are stuck second-guessing themselves, feeling self-conscious and lacking the confidence to truly show up with all of their power. 

Maybe you’ve tried…

The truth is, you know that you have the potential for greatness in you.
You know you have brilliance and talent to offer your
clients, industry and the world.

But you also know you need some help.

You want to equip yourself with “in the trenches” leadership skills and
uncover what’s holding you back from your full potential.

It’s time for leadership that makes room for ALL of you.

Revolutionizing Leadership

Not only that, but you can become a brilliant, unapologetic and brave powerhouse,
for yourself, your clients, your family and community. 

They don’t teach you this in school…

Together, we’re on a mission to use everything we have, to do the best we possibly can.

With Tara, you can learn to…

  • Drive results through hard work and as a champion for thriving relationships
  • Find your voice as a strong, brilliant and successful leader and achieve your wildest goals
  • Feel more confident in your uniqueness and the work that only YOU can do
  • Accelerate your strengths and bring more value to your clients, team, business partners and Senior Leadership
  • Leverage authenticity and empathy to truly connect to those around you
  • Operate with integrity, avoid burnout and discover your strengths through vulnerability
  • Manage conflict and confrontation and build resiliency despite setbacks and disappointments
  • Navigate massive layoffs and acquisitions and negotiate better deals for yourself and your clients
  • Transform fear into fuel to command attention, gain respect and step into your full leadership abilities

Hello Powerful Soul,
I'm Tara Myshrall

Regional Vice President of Talend Canada and Northern U.S.
Speaker, Executive Mentor and Leadership Consultant

Way too many individuals are stuck, frustrated and disconnected from themselves and their ability to create massive expansion in their lives and actually go after their dreams. From imposter syndrome to self-sabotage, to a lack of on-the-job leadership skills, there’s a whole host of limiting beliefs that can get in the way.

The world needs more true change-makers. Leaders who are able to combine logic and strategy with empathy, emotion and spirit – who operate with integrity, self-trust and confidence. Leaders who know how to truly connect and build strong relationships while also driving results, influencing culture and making really good money.

I help executives and entrepreneurs access the voice they can’t find within. You see, too many people are afraid of their dreams, their ability to lead and their power.

Using a combination of on-the-job skills, strategies and new perspectives, the leaders I work with learn how to grant themselves permission to expand into their full potential and achieve more than they ever thought was possible.

Tara In Action

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Even a Stroke Couldn't Stop Me

Unleash the Power
Of Feminine Leadership

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Confronting The Past
In Unexpected Ways

This is the work that I know, because I’ve lived it. 

As a woman in a male-dominated tech industry, I built my career from the ground up, navigating the turbulent waters of the corporate world. 

The daughter of immigrants, I went from sleeping in my car at 18 to becoming the Regional Vice President of Canada and Northern US at Talend, where I direct all business in Canada and Enterprise Businesses making $750 Million and up. 

From recruiting, hiring, and developing talent within our team, negotiating multimillion-dollar deals, and expertly navigating complex and difficult situations, I lead a results-driven organization that consistently achieves its goals. 

Additionally, I am a champion for women in STEM. From encouraging young women to pursue a career in the industry to helping women in tech avoid burnout that comes from simply emulating their peers,  I help women grow into their full leadership capabilities. 

Yet every day, in my professional role, I’m what my colleagues call a “players coach.”

I coach each team member to achieve their very best while building life-long relationships. I lead with integrity, empathy and drive, with a focus on inclusivity and sustainability. 

I mentor and coach others to meet their targets without burning out. I know what works and what doesn’t because I built every step of my career and led myself through poverty, fear, betrayal and medical complications. 


I transformed fear and used it as fuel to help me achieve my results, purpose and mission.

Through my retreats, mentorship programs, speaking events and online courses, I support leaders to uncover their limiting beliefs and re-connect with their true, unapologetic and brilliant power.

Using a combination of compassion, drive and tough love,
I leverage my personal and professional expertise to empower leaders
to achieve their desired results.

Lead With Tara

I help you access the voice within, the voice that speaks for your dreams, power, and true ability to lead.

Executive Mentorship and Leadership Coaching

Work with Tara in a one-one setting for a transformational experience that will help you drive results for you and your team, reframe your perspective and embrace the courage to step into the fully expanded version of yourself.

Tara only works with 5 applicants a year,  outside of business hours.


Tara is a gifted speaker who offers a diverse repertoire of topics. Weaving together a lifetime of courageous stories, adversity, adventure and loss, Tara equips her audience with both the practical and the philosophical mindset changes to expand while driving performance and results.


From presentations at international tech conferences to motivational addresses at charity events, Tara is a dynamite speaker who will charm and inspire each audience member.


Book Tara for your next event. 

Online Courses

Sign up for one of Tara’s online, self-directed courses – Permission to Expand or Activate Abundance. These life-changing courses will help you uncover your limiting beliefs and connect with your true desires, while building the skills you need to excel. 

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Permission to Rise Retreat

Join us for an extraordinary weekend September 29 – Oct 1, 2023 at the scenic Sunset Bay Lake House, Ontario, as we embark on the Permission To Rise Retreat.

 This transformative journey is designed to help you break open, shed the old, and courageously emerge as the empowered, limitless being you were always meant to be.

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Learn how to unapologetically lead yourself as a strong, brilliant and successful leader.