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Tara’s presentations, retreats and courses equip women with the skills and support to overcome their limiting beliefs and align with their purpose.

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Whether it’s climbing Mount Everest, speaking to a room of influential executives or literally jumping out of an airplane, Tara Myshrall is a speaker who inspires everyone she meets. Powerhouse Tara Myshrall calls her audience to rise up and slay the insecurities that stand in the way of authentic power.

As a speaker and teacher Tara shows that expansion is possible and offers practical tools of enlightened self-awareness to illuminate the path of true empowerment. Motivated by the desire to support and serve her audience, Tara embodies radiant power and presents opportunities for new possibilities to emerge for her audience.

Merging strong leadership, practical skills and mindset shifts, Tara creates positive changes in her world and in the world of everyone she meets.

Building multiple careers from the ground up, Tara Myshrall is an industry leader and is the Regional Vice President of sales at Talend, an international data integration and governance company. Her driving motivation is to build teams that provide a customer-centered service that enable clients to make data-driven decisions to compel growth and enhance outcomes. 


Focusing on business intelligence, predictive analytics, data quality and big data, Tara serves law enforcement agencies, healthcare, and municipalities throughout Canada. Tara’s driving motivation is to provide a service that enables her clients to make data-driven decisions to compel change and enhanced results.

Tara also worked as a national account executive and regional trainer with both Dell Canada and Danier Leather, building her career from the ground up and becoming an influential and powerful force. Through dedication and hard work, Tara built a career around providing exceptional service to everyone she encounters. She continues to push the limits of sales possibility, is an integral leader of multiple teams dedicated to growth and precision.

The proud mother of an 18-year-old son, Tara is an involved parent and sole provider for her family. Motherhood is a huge part of Tara’s life and she is continually both challenged and inspired by her son and strives to be a positive example for him.

Tara inspires her audience with both mindset shifts and practical skills that every woman needs to achieve her goals and live a purposeful life of service and expansion.

Tara's Magnetism

Tara's Voice
Tara has the ability to call out the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. She does this with the perfect combo of love, compassion and her no B.S. attitude. She can see where you are playing small and you didn't even realize it.
What glass ceiling?
Tara knows how to make money and she can show you how too. She's pushed through barriers that attempted to hold her back in her professional life and learned the skills necessary to succeed in business while being authentic to her wholeness.
Tara will help you re-write the programming in your mind and give you the permission that you needed to live your life to the fullest. Tara has overcome a variety of obstacles throughout her life and her stories, grit and attitude is infectious.
Walks the Talk
Tara's unique life experience set her apart from any other speaker. Learning how to create her own future, Tara has leveraged every curve ball life has thrown at her: poverty, infidelity, betrayal, a stroke, heart surgery. Tara overcame each challenge and teaches how to overcome any circumstance and use it to make you stronger.
Self-Made Millionnaire
From living in a car at the age of 18 to becoming a self-made millionaire, Tara knows how to build success and can teach you the secrets. As Drake would say, 'We started from the bottom, now we here.'
Got Service?
Tara approaches everything that she does in life from a place of service. Always concerned about improving the lives of everyone around her, she uses service as her driving to create change in the world.
A Lifetime of Stories
You will be entertained, inspired, empowered as Tara shares her experiences of heartache and triumph and teaches the mindset shifts and tactical skills every woman needs to create their own destiny.

Tara's Guiding Principals


This means being impeccable with my word and keeping my word to myself first. If I say I am going to do something, I do it to the best of my abilities. And I strive to live my life in a way that I am proud of. I learn from my mistakes and I move forward, one foot in front of the other.


This involves being loyal to my vision of who I am and how I want to show up. It means taking the time to do the work and reflect on what kind of a person I want to be.


The truth is that it’s your life and you get to make some intentional choices about how you want to live it. When one person does this and steps into their authenticity, it gives everyone else around them permission to show up in their gifts and to shine.


This is my ability to shine my light in the world. This reminds me to love myself and accept myself, and understand that I am a work in progress. It’s my ability to love all of my goals and dreams. It’s okay to expand and take up space and want more for your life.

Overcome Fear and Expand

Not only does Tara help women overcome their internal fears, but also their external. Tara is an adventure junkie that uses these opportunities to overcome any limiting beliefs and push the boundaries of what is possible.

After climbing Mount Everest, with no training, Tara recorded a message of inspiration for her son. We are stronger than we know and must learn to trust ourselves and not be afraid of our own power. Watch the video to hear Tara’s inspiring message.

You Never Know
Where You Might Find Tara...

An avid world traveler and adventure junkie, Tara loves, quite literally, pushing her own boundaries. Never letting fear stand in her way, she rises to any occasion, whether it be climbing Mount Everest, skydiving over the Grand Canyon or exploring the ancient city of Machu Picchu.

However, Tara’s ability to stand up to fear goes far beyond the external examples. She has learned to face her own insecurities and her internal monsters and is passionate about helping her audience do the same. All who work with Tara leave inspired, knowing that their dreams can come true and expansion is possible

Radical Generosity

We are all connected. If each person had a willingness to see the needs of others, the world would be dramatically different.

Recognizing that your time, words and actions can have a significant and lasting impact on those around you is a part of radical generosity and part of stepping into your true power. Small acts of kindness, a smile, a few dollars, a meal made with love, or an extravagant tip often have a larger impact than the giver ever knows. Practicing and living radical generosity is a part of Tara’s message.

Mixing gratitude with generosity transforms both the giver and the receiver and is not just a good thing to do, but a spiritual practice. It involves knowing that you have more than enough and that you see and care about those around you. It takes the focus off of yourself and diverts your energy to invest in the lives of others. Radical generosity calls you to step into your power and utilize your decisions and behaviour to dramatically impact the world.

Leading by example, Tara is involved in constant acts of philanthropy in her community and throughout her travels around the world.

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