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Tara inspires her audience with both mindset shifts and practical skills that every woman needs to achieve her goals and live a purposeful life of service and expansion.

Tara’s presentations equip women with the skills and support to overcome their limiting beliefs and align with their purpose.

Permission To Expand

How to Avoid the Land of Average

What are the limiting beliefs that are running your life? Where are you playing small and believing your worth is based on your performance?

In case no one told you today, you are enough. Just as you are. Right now, in this moment. You are enough.

This engaging presentation shows how to avoid the land of average, slay insecurities and expand into the person you dream of becoming. Book Tara for your next motivational, wellness or empowerment conference, workshop or event.

Permission To Lead

From a Place of Wholeness

Tara Myshrall is a people-first leader, who positions herself from a place of service and this has been a defining aspect that has set her apart from others in her field and led to strong business relationships, customer loyalty and increased profits.

In Permission To Lead, Tara shows how to bring integrity, authenticity and trust into every relationship in the workplace and compels leaders to reconsider what’s holding them back.

Sharing her insights, Tara teaches how to utilize resiliency skills, stay open-hearted and expand your leadership skills to build better experiences for staff, colleagues and clients. Permission to Lead creates opportunities for executives to expand, lead with empathy and revolutionize the culture of sales.

Permission To Explore

Everest: The Journey Within

Tara reveals the life lessons that she learned while climbing Mount Everest and connects the external journey to her internal struggles to build self-trust, follower her intuition and trust the wisdom of her knowing.

Tara demonstrates the power of our thoughts, that anything is possible and that we are much stronger than we realize through her remarkable journey climbing Mount Everest.

Permission To Give

Radical Generosity for Not For Profit Organizations

Tara Myshrall is passionate about radical generosity. She believes in giving back to the community and investing in not for profit organizations.

Tara devotes 20% of her speaking time to giving back to not-for-profit organizations and would be happy to support your next event that aligns with her message of empowering expansion.

If you are looking for a speaker for your next NFP event, contact Tara today.

Custom Presentation

Book Tara to Create a Unique Presentation for your Specific Audience

Contact Tara to discuss creating a custom presentation for your specific audience. Tara’s vast experiences, skills and success can apply to a wide range of audiences, so reach out to see if Tara is a good fit for your next event.

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