Tara Myshrall

Tara Myshrall

The Women’s Spotlight for this month is unique. On this episode, Tara doesn’t have any guests, but she had the honour and pleasure of being one of the speakers at the Women in Tech Global Conference in May 2023 and is sharing the speech she gave. The Women in Tech Global Conference is the largest conference for women in the tech industry. This hybrid conference brought together women in tech, minorities, and allies from all over the world.

This talk is about unleashing the power of femininity in the workplace and in leadership. Tara also shares something from her childhood and explains what made her the person she is and got her to the place she is today. From a very early age, she learned the difference between how men were supposed to act and how women were expected to behave. Whether it’s correct or not, our society labels certain qualities, such as being logical, tough, and powerful, as masculine traits and nurturing, intuitive, collaborative, creative, and emotional, as feminine ones.

Please listen to Tara’s awakening and real speech to learn how she came to value her feminine wisdom in both her professional and personal relationships and experiences, as well as how to trust her intuition and synchronicities.

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