Tara Myshrall

Tara Myshrall

On this month´s Women´s Spotlight, Tara speaks with Martyna Shallenberg, a talented and fearless engineering leader with a diverse background in science and technology. At Myriad Genetics, she is in charge of a 23-person engineering team dispersed throughout the U.S. and South America.

Martyna was born in Poland and escaped communism with her parents to live as refugees in West Germany. In the US, Martyna received a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and took a winding career path before landing in the male-dominated tech sector.

In Myriad Genetics, she directs ongoing efforts to automate and streamline workflows with the revenue cycle to help provide genetic testing within oncology, women’s health, and mental health. She has also founded a Women in Technology Group to support and mentor women’s careers in technology. She has also been recognised for creating a company culture of inclusivity and individual career development while creating a management book club to help inspire future leaders to set and achieve career aspirations.

On the show, Martyna discusses how she left Poland and what it was like to be a refugee in Germany. How life changed again when they had to return to Poland, and how the expectation was very different from reality. In the end, the family were able to move to the USA, which had always been their end goal. This is one of the life lessons she has learned: no matter what your circumstances are, you can always make it work with what you have.

Follow Martyna on her social media account:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martynashallenberg/

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