Work With Tara

No matter how small or grand, your dreams are valuable and a gift to the world.
You have a responsibility to show up in your authentic power because the world needs you.

Group Coaching Programs

Tara's group coaching programs will help you consciously create the life of your dreams. Gather weekly with a community of like-minded women and experience on-the-spot coaching that will help you accelerate your transformation. Combine mindset upgrades with practical skills and unveil a life of massive expansion.

Executive Coaching

Work with Tara in one-one setting for a transformational experience that will help you overcome your limiting beliefs, reframe your perspective and embrace the courage you desire to step into the fully expanded version of yourself.

Your future is waiting.


Overcome your limiting beliefs and learn tactical skills to advance your life, business and career and expand to your full potential.


Accelerate your expansion by attending a retreat. Release, reconnect and recharge. Learn how to leverage your skill and create from a place of wholeness.