Tara Myshrall

Tara Myshrall

Why I still have gratitude for 2020…

As we come to a close of 2020, it has been a year of social inequalities, racial tensions, questioning of our political and social structures, rampant forest fires, explosions taking out entire blocks, and a pandemic that has wiped out many small businesses and struck fear into the core of us at a global level. 


There was a real sense of loneliness, loss of identity and a fear of survival that washed over our land. Our core human need is connection, even if we are introverts, we are social beings that need to connect and contribute. This lack of connection created a breakdown in many and a struggle with mental health. Families not knowing the best coping strategies for the merging of work family kids with no separation for self. The pandemic forced many of us home and without the hustle and bustle of business or school it made us face our own selves, our lives and our truth. 


This return home and return to silence was uncomfortable, to say the least, for many of us and downright difficult for most. But this return home also made us question our lives, what really matters at the end of the day and enabled us new possibilities to rise. 


When we are not pushing for the best and keeping up with the Jones, when we are not pushing for more and external validation, we have an opportunity to see what really matters to us at our core. Not what we are told matters, not what we are taught to choose but what really lights our soul aflame.


Although I have gone through this journey with all of you and a transformation from a stroke and heart surgery and many things that I valued thrown into question I still have gratitude for 2020. 


2020 also gave me hope because it allowed us to bond together and support one another in common ground of this virus. No matter which area of the world we were in, it allowed us to connect through the commonality that we were all sent home to reflect and be safe. 


2020 provided time for us to investigate our world, our belief structures and the lens of right and wrong, justice, equality and love for our fellow mankind. Although racial tensions were high, many use our privilege to bring awareness and fight for equity. White Brown, Black Asian and others bonded to eradicate the injustices that were happening with police brutality. 


Many came together to educate others on the long history of social imbalance and systemic racism in North America. Yes, we still have work to do to have an equitable world but when you watch the peaceful protest marches and other social demonstrations, we become acutely aware that all walks of lives, cultures and skin tones came together to fight hate and ignorance. 


America Elected our 1st female black Asian vice president and it was as a result of record voters turning out to the polls. No matter your political reviews, this was a win for equality. This was a win for women. This was a win for Blacks and Asians . This was a win for America. This was a win for the world. 

So although 2020 brought much fear, uncertainty and even hate, I am grateful for many rising to the occasion and stepping out of comfort for peace & love. There is a heightened collective consciousness that has risen from 2020 as a result of a turbulent year.


Thank you for reading my blog and for supporting me in 2020. Thank you for giving me a forum to share my voice and show up in my wholeness and thank you for permission to expand into something greater than I was. I love you all and I send light to your darkness so that 2021 can be a year of possibilities regardless of the obstacles that you face.

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