Tara Myshrall

Tara Myshrall

Integrity, Loyalty, Authenticity and Love

We have all heard the rumblings that this year will go down in the history books as a year filled with intense uncertainty.  There is so much on the go that some feel like we are chained to a tree without the flexibility to move from its shading overhang and others feel that this is a time of awakening and reconnecting to the possibilities of expansion.  Well, I guess I would say that they would both be right and I am finally completely ok with seeing all sides of the world we are living in.  The good, the bad and the miracles.

Witnessing the world unfold before my eyes can push my senses into chaos and have my thoughts in complete disarray.  I know I can not get lost in the feeling, I have to grab on to it, feel every ounce of the complexity of it then release it and allow it to take flight.  

Through this fluctuation in feelings I need something to ground me.  To bring me back to my home, to the warmth of knowing, releasing and being.  That grounding has to be like solid heavy black earth planting my roots into mother earth.  The fullness of feeling grounded created a desire in me to feel fully and understand all of myself and what I stood for.  

Core Values

When the world feels overwhelming, I come back to my values to redirect me and align with my true beliefs. My values help me determine the side of the line I would stand on, when things get complicated or I feel like I’m being pushed  up against the wall.  My guiding principles and core values arose from understanding what would pull me out when things got dark or dim.  Having these values help remind me of who I am and what is important to me. My core values are love, authenticity, integrity, loyalty.


Love is so important because we have to love ourselves first.  We have to learn to love ALL OF OURSELVES  with unwavering, unconditional Love.   Once we love ourselves deeply, we will interact with others and love others without expectation. “Am I coming from a place of love?” is the most powerful question that snaps me back to my values. 

This short poem by Becca Lee explains this sentiment: “The Ocean does not apologize for it’s depth and the mountains do not seek forgiveness for the space they take, and so, neither shall I.”

When you are living from a place of self-love, you have more love to pour into your relationships, your creative pursuits and your contributions to the world. Love allows you to value your expansion more than staying small. Love allows you to see yourself clearly, in your worthiness, with compassion.

This is my ability to shine my light in the world. This reminds me to love myself and accept myself, and understand that I am a work in progress.  It’s my ability to love all of my goals and dreams.  It’s okay to expand and take up space and want more for your life. 

This also reminds me to always come from a place of love and spread love to all those we meet, the person making your coffee deserves the same respect as the CEO guiding a company, offering a little dose of love to brighten the day of all those you come in contact with and watch how your interactions change.


This is a huge buzz word right now, we watch the world through the lens of the phone and get caught up in the touch ups,  clothes, the perfect lighting, words and presentation.  All the likes and posturing can leave us feeling like we are sinking in thick quicksand when we are not acknowledging our inner voice and our deep desire to play full out.  We are no longer jumping into adventure and trying something new. We are following  the crowd and betting on others because we are too terrified to bet on ourselves.  

Our authentic selves, our souls they are cracking at the seam to allow light to penetrate every crevice of the available space and shine powerful and strong.  Our soul needs to be unleashed.  It is not the colour of our hair, the things we wear or the perfection we project that will save us…..it just being you…. authentically you.

The truth is though, that it’s your life and you get to make some intentional choices about how you want to live it. When one person does this and steps into their authenticity, it gives everyone else around them permission to show up in their gifts and to shine. I do this in my professional life as well when I show up in my corporate job with my nails and bracelets and bright colours. I don’t hide who I am, just because people expect a business woman to look a certain way. 


“My word is the only thing that I will take to my grave.” I heard this from my father growing up and that really stuck.  The money, the house, the car none of it is going with us.  I am not vain enough to think that the world will know when I part this plane however the people that I interact with, the ones that I work with and love, they will remember that I loved myself and them enough to be true to my word.  

Words bounce around in my head like golden kernels popping into popcorn, but the words that escape my mouth have to be clear.  If we stay true to our words and allow them to bear weight on our conscious and unconscious mind, we can live with the truth of our heart and our life will mean something.  We won’t sway when it is convenient or play the game to fit in.  We will hold steadfast in our word.


Next, is loyalty. This involves being loyal to my vision of who I am and how I want to show up. It means taking the time to do the work and reflect on what kind of a person I want to be. 

For many people, that takes time.  And, sometimes, you might need help to figure this out, be it from trusted friends, family or professionals. A big part of this is being loyal to my intuition and trusting it to guide me to the right people who will support me. Loyalty also means no longer compromising myself for others comfort. 

I challenge you to go home this weekend and spend some time coming up with your words. Sit with yourself for a while and see what comes up. 

Take the time to reflect and to dream and to feel into the person that you are and the person you have not yet become. Get deliberate about how you want to feel on your way there. 

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