Tara Myshrall

Tara Myshrall

Dealing With Disappointment

When we are young, we are taught to create goals and strive for them. If you’re a dreamer like me, you might believe that anything is possible if you work at it and you believe you can achieve it.

However, when these dreams and goals fall short, we can find ourselves in disappointment. We feel cheated or we wish, at times, that things could be different.

I wish I handled that situation differently…

I wish I got that job…

I wish I could have made that relationship work…

I wish I didn’t play so hard and hurt myself…

I wish that person could have been nicer…

Disappointment in self and others is judging that leads to sadness.

These feelings of disappointment can become the root that sadness grows from. And if not kept in check, can lead to depression, regret and shame. The lowest energy field that you can vibrate at is regret and shame.

If we release our desired outcome, we can use disappointment as an opportunity to grow. We must truly explore what this current event is teaching us? If we can shift our thinking from what should be and could be, to what is happening right now, we can digest it more easily and move through it.

In this space, the idea that life is happening for us instead of to us can grow. Life is happening for me and even this perceived setback is part of the plan and my growth. If we can use disappointment as an opportunity to trust, we might be able to find peace, hope and faith.

We don’t know what’s in store for us, yet the illusion of control can make us miserable because it plagues us with regrets and disappointment.

Being in the moment and having real trust, is letting go of the desire to control the outcome and admitting that there could be a plan larger for us from the universe. Eckhart Tolle writes about the power of now. He discusses living in a space where we can watch things around us arise and pass through us. We bear witness to it, but we don’t allow it to pull us down a negative path of wishing we could change something that’s already transpired.

Yes, we can want to do more and be more and achieve more. But we can’t let the setbacks that we are experiencing move us into disempowerment or victimhood. To make the changes we need, we must move with the flow of life, feel our feelings and be present.

We will all have disappointments in our lives. We will all have things happen that take us down a path that could be different than the one we started on. But I suggest that we dig deep and look for the hidden lessons, these so-called obstacles can enable us to become better humans in the long run. They can be the training ground that we needed to become the people we long to be and create the change that the world needs.

Disappointment needs to be felt to be processed. But it can also be a powerful tool to help us get clear on what we want and learn how to flow with life.

If we accept ourselves and our setbacks, we can realize that there truly are no mistakes, just lessons to build resiliency and to prepare us for our life journey.

Where are you experiencing disappointment in your life? What could this be trying to teach you? Can you trust the process of life? Can you learn from your experience?

I’d love to hear more about your experiences. What has disappointment been teaching you lately?


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